Sowing nasturtium seeds

Sowing nasturtiums in very easy. You push the seeds into an area of ​​the garden that you have first hoeed well. For example, you can choose a forgotten corner of the garden. The plant is not demanding in terms of soil, only soil that is too wet is not suitable for the young plants. The nasturtium also likes sun and grows best in a sunny spot.

You should plant the seeds about a foot to 40 centimeters apart, as the plant can grow quite wide and they will get in each other’s way if you sow too closely together. Of course you can also thin out or move the young plants later if it is clear which seeds produce the best plants. The nasturtium can also be planted in a pot. Also consider the space that an adult plant needs.

When should you sow nasturtiums?
If you are going to sow this plant for the first time, it is no problem to buy seeds. The nasturtium is also often used in schools to teach children a little more about nature. You can buy the seeds throughout the year, but you should sow in March or April if you want to see flowers the same year. If you choose to sow nasturtiums in the fall, they will not grow and bloom until the following spring. The plants are often of lesser quality during the winter.

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