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What size van do I need?

Posted on by Idrive

For many people, hiring out a van can be an alien experience having never utilised the service before. It can therefore be confusing when presented with a range of hire options – not all vans are the same and you could be wasting time and money if you don’t get the right van for the task you need to complete.

We’ve put together a list of different van sizes from small to extra-large, with an overview of how that particular size vehicle might be best put to use when hired out.


Height: 4ft, Width: 4’ 10”, Length: 5’ 3”

When you want to move your things but you don’t own a car, then a small van is perfect. It can hold anything from small appliances to garden waste if you’re planning any landscaping work. If you’re a student looking to move all your things in one go (minus furniture) then you will no doubt be able to hold all your essentials in a small van. You’ll be paying over the odds to move these things if you go for a van any bigger than this.


Height: 4’ 6”, Width: 5’ 4”, Length: 7’ 4”

The next size up is ideal for people who are planning a move from a small flat or studio, giving you room for some slightly larger items or equipment. This model can hold small tables and sofas, but if you’re looking to move building supplies and need a temporary solution then you’ll be well catered for.


Height: 5’ 5”, Width: 6’, Length: 8’ 2”

A large van is as big as many people will need to go, they can accommodate the bigger items of a home move such as big pieces of furniture and any commercial installations you have planned. Whether it’s removals or deliveries, you can easily transport almost anything using a large van. With a bigger van you can load even more, cutting down on repeat journeys and casting aside any doubts about payload with a 1140Kg limit.

Extra Large

Height: 6’ 3”, Width: 5’ 8”, Length: 11’ 5”

The extra-large van size is exactly what you would expect: superior size. Beyond this vehicle the next step would be a lorry, and for many people that is one step too far. With fantastic height and length you can transport a range of awkward goods such as carpet rolls and upright items such as fridge-freezers. No more wrestling for space or panic over moving bulkier items, you’ll get the job done in no time with extra room to move about safely during loading and unloading.

To discuss your van hire needs with a professional then contact us at I-Drive Van Hire. We can help you get the right vehicle to match your needs and your budget, with the aim of giving you value for money and the best possible service.

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