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What You Should Put In A Van Emergency Kit

Posted on by Idrive

Whether you’re travelling a short way or you’re going on a long journey, you never know when an emergency could strike. This could come in the form of a flat tyre, a traffic collision or you may even simply get lost. If you’ve hired a van it’s likely that this could be a huge disruption to what you’re doing, especially if you’re transporting possessions or using the van for work purposes.

With this in mind, in this month’s post we’ve put together a list of items you might want to consider taking with you when you set out in a van.

High Visibility Jacket – Should you ever find yourself stranded you’ll want other road users to be able to see you. This item is also handy if you are loading and unloading in an area with a lot of footfall and general traffic, helping people to recognise that you are working and may be moving heavy or large objects.

First Aid Kit – In the event that you get injured whilst moving things in and out of your van, you will be glad you packed a first aid kit. Everything from bandages to plasters should be included to help when small accidents occur.

Torch – Regardless of the time of year you hire a van, you should pack a torch in your emergency kit. That way, if you get stranded at night or breakdown in poor visibility you can find your way around and investigate any repairable breakdowns. Ensure the batteries have enough power and don’t use it unless totally necessary; you’ll kick yourself if it dies out just when you need it most.

Extinguisher – Obviously you never want to think a fire will break out, but in the event one does you’ll be thankful for an extinguisher close at hand. A small extinguisher is easy to keep as an emergency tool and it’s especially prudent to have one if you’re carrying flammable cargo.

Snow Shovel – As we move from the summer months to the darker, wetter and colder weather, you should start thinking about preparing for snow. We get snowfall in the UK both before and after Christmas so don’t get caught out. A snow shovel will ensure you can dig yourself out or clear a path if your van is snowed in when parked up.

Heavy Duty Gloves – If you’re using the van for work purposes you might already have a pair of heavy duty gloves handy, but if not, get some. You never know where you might end up stranded in an emergency and gloves can help protect your hands if you make any repairs or tyre changes.

Duct Tape – Strong tape is always a must, it’s obviously only there as a last resort for a temporary fix, but it’s been a lifesaver out on the roads for quite a few drivers. This can be used to secure any boxes which may inadvertently split or spill out as well, helping you to continue transporting your load.
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