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Top tips to keep a van clean

Posted on by Idrive

As with any vehicle, you always want to keep them as clean and tidy as possible, but it’s not always easy. We amass a lot of rubbish in our vehicles, such as receipts and food wrappers along with general muck and dust, and it’s not just the inside which we struggle to maintain – the exterior is especially prone to becoming grubby over time. With a focused effort however, you can keep on top of van maintenance and cleaning, breaking those bad habits and ensuring any van, whether it’s hired or your own, is as clean as possible.


Telescopic cleaning brush

One of the easiest excuses for not washing a van is that it’s too big a vehicle for conventional methods, so why not invest in a telescopic cleaning brush? You’ll have maximum reach with minimum effort to make cleaning the outside of your van a doddle – even the roof! Many of these brushes come with different attachments and can allow water to run through the pole directly to the brush.

Vacuum cleaning

While it might be a boring and noisy job, the best way to keep your interior clean and fresh is to regularly vacuum. For this you’ll need a good vacuum with a range of applications to help you vacuum upholstery as well as to get into all the nooks and crannies. Make sure you remove your mats and any other obstructions to ensure you can get at all areas of the van.

Breaking bad habits

There are bad habits we all have in regards to the way we treat our vehicles, so despite the great effort van users put into the outside of their vehicles it’s likely that inside is the area which needs more care. This means that you should try to avoid eating and drinking in your van, it’s not just crumbs and spillages which can ruin the interior of your van but the smell and the discarded wrappers also take their toll without you really noticing.

If you’re involved in any industry that often leads to you getting your hands, feet or even your body dirty then consider taking a change of clothes or at least a change of footwear. This will keep upholstery clean and prevent the dust and mud piling up in your footwells. Keep some wipes handy to use after each task you perform and then you won’t leave grubby fingerprints on the inside or the outside of your van. Using these preventative methods to help you will mean that you spend less time cleaning your van because you’ve given extra attention to some of the smaller details.

Here at I-Drive Van Hire we have a well-maintained fleet of vehicles available for you in a range of sizes, suitable for all kinds of jobs. Simply contact us today to discuss your long or short term hire need with a member of our team.

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