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How To Safely Load Your Van

Posted on by Idrive

Previously we’ve looked at how to load your van to avoid injury to yourself, but it’s also equally important to consider how your items impact the van. There are several things to take into account since a van is different to a car and, despite its ability to take the extra weight, it can still sustain damage if loaded incorrectly.

Keeping the center of gravity

It’s tempting to chuck all of your items into the back of your hired van any which way, but if you pack heavier items on top of lighter items you change the center of gravity for the van, altering the way it handles when driving. It’s best to keep a low center of gravity, placing all the heavy items on the floor and stacking lighter items on top if necessary. Make sure the weight is spread across the axles too if you have extremely weighty things to transport.

Pack your items tightly

Once you start driving, no matter how careful you drive, your items are liable to shift a little. This is common but can be prevented by packing all your items in tightly, keeping everything locked together and held in place. If you don’t do this you could find things drift around, and by the time you reach your destination everything will be a jumble, with many items having sustained some serious damage.

Moving day

Guard against damage

You can also damage your items if you place sharp items close to soft items. This is especially important to avoid in a house move – your metal bed frame could pierce a mattress or sofa if placed too close at the wrong angle. Similarly, if you have any liquids in your van, make sure they are stowed adequately to prevent them spilling or bursting all over the rest of your things.

Store electrical items upright

Your fridge and your freezer need to be kept upright to ensure the gases are safe, but this rule can apply for all electrical items since anything laid down on its back or on its face is more likely to sustain damage.

Washing machines are also quite delicate, any movement in the drum and you could find it has a rattle when it’s next turned on. If you’re worried about taller items falling over then pin them with other parts of your load to keep them upright during transit.

Take furniture apart

We all know how annoying it can be to build furniture but you’ll make you life much easier when loading your van if you can take your furniture apart. This allows you to fit more into your van, reducing the amount of trips you have to take. Taking heavier items apart also makes it easier to load and unload the van, something which could be vital if you’re going it alone.

The size of your van will no doubt inform your decisions when loading your items, but always keep in mind how it will impact your driving and the items themselves.

If you require van hire of any size, for any purpose, contact I-Drive Van Hire today. We’ll help you pick the right van for your needs and can offer you advice on how to safely transport your load.

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