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How to lift items safely into your van

Posted on by Idrive

If you’re hiring a van then you no doubt need it for the transportation of heavy goods or lots of goods all at once. This can involve a lot of heavy lifting regardless of how many people you have helping you – it’s hard to avoid this but whether you’re using the van for professional or personal reasons you should never endanger yourself or those working alongside you.

Strains, joint and muscle problems are some of the most common ways people injure themselves when taking on more than they can handle, so we’ve put together a step-by-step plan to help you prepare for, and carry out, your tasks safely.

Step 1

Prepare yourself for any kind of lifting by setting aside time for a quick stretch. Physical movement of this kind requires your muscles to be ready so you don’t pull or strain them.

Step 2

Ensure you have the right clothes for the job, don’t wear anything you’d mind getting grubby or damaged. You’ll need strong shoes, with steel toecaps as an option if the things you’re moving are extremely heavy.

Step 3

Empty out any large items if you can to make them lighter. If you’re moving home you can empty drawers and even take the drawers out of a unit to make everything easier to carry. It will pay for you to analyse the things you’re moving so you can work out what needs to go in the van first and in what position.

Step 4

Test the load first; will you be able to lift it alone and comfortably? If not then ask for help, don’t allow yourself to struggle if others can help you as some items will no doubt require two sets of hands.


Step 5

If you didn’t know already, you should bend your knees and keep your back straight when lifting anything. This reduces the strain on your back and gives you better balance as you rise with the item. Don’t jerk your body upwards, do everything slowly and keep the item close to your body.

Step 6

If you can’t see beyond the item you are lifting then ask someone to be your eyes for you as you move. If you don’t you could risk bumping into things, damaging the item, the thing you bump into and possibly even yourself.

Step 7

Keep your path clear before you lift an item, you’ll risk unnecessary strain if you have to put the box down and pick it back up. If you need step ladders then keep them handy and have someone stand behind you if you carry anything particularly heavy up or down them.

Back injuries can keep you in pain for years to come, even if you only tweak a muscle slightly. So rather than rushing a task and risking putting yourself out of action, take your time and follow our simple manual handling safety steps.

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