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Why is it important to keep your tyres inflated?

Posted on by Idrive

When you’re driving out on the road you might not give quite as much thought to your tyres as you probably should. They are an important part of your vehicles and how well it operates, that’s why it is vital that you keep your van tyres regularly inflated. Many people drive around with tyres which are dangerously underinflated and this presents many dangers. Below are a range of reasons why you should keep an eye on your tyres and inflate them regularly.

First and foremost is the issue of safety when you are driving. Underinflated tyres pose a big danger out on the road as they reduce the control you have over your van, this can lead to collisions and fatalities for both you inside the vehicle and people on the road around you. Tyres which haven’t been inflated to the optimum amount, if left in this condition, can actually blowout, depending on your speed this could also be catastrophic.

As if there wasn’t enough incentive in terms of safety you could also stand to save more money with properly inflated tyres. The drag which you get from your van tyres on the road increases the work the engine has to do to move the vehicle forward, this uses up more fuel and gets worse over time the longer you leave your tyres underinflated. By stopping to inflate your tyres you make them more efficient immediately and you’ll see a drop in how much fuel you use. We’ve written an article with more tips on saving money whilst driving, take a look!

Tyre Life
Whichever extreme you go to, underinflated or overinflated tyres will mean you wear your tyre out early and you’ll have to replace them much more often than if you inflate them to their recommended levels. When your tyre is under inflated it squashes the tyre down while overinflating the tyre is equally dangerous as the walls balloon putting much more wear on the central treads on your tyre. To avoid expensive replacements because of wear or punctures you should look up your tyres recommended inflation levels.

The points touched on previously all contribute to the way your vehicle impacts on the environment. Firstly, the less fuel you use the better, this will mean lower emissions as your engine doesn’t struggle against the road due to underinflated tyres. Secondly, the fewer tyres we use the less which gets thrown away, since rubber is hard to break down naturally it impacts the environment when we throw them away – it also uses valuable resources and power to produce more tyres so increasing the life of your tyres has a double advantage for the green goals of society.

When you hire a van from us at I-Drive Van Hire you can talk to us about how best to save money on fuel and what the optimum level of pressure in your tyres should be. We offer a great range of van sizes for all purposes so don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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