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Healthy Snacks To Eat When Driving A Van Long Distances

Posted on by Idrive

If you’re hiring a van then it’s likely you’re going to be taking a longer journey than usual. Long journeys and very little opportunity for a break can be a recipe for disaster; you need to keep your energy levels up to ensure you concentrate while on the road, and that’s why lots of people like to snack when driving. It’s worth noting that while it is not illegal to eat and drive, it is frowned upon if you are thought to be distracted from the road, so it’s important to choose a snack which won’t take your attention off the road or your hands off the wheel for long. If you’ve hired a van then it’s likely you’re going to be taking a longer journey than usual.

Most people fall victim to snacking on junk food or overly processed, fatty foods, but what alternatives are out there for clean, easy snacking while out on the road?

Dried Fruit

Dried fruit can sound and look unappealing, but fruit is a great alternative to the junk snacks you might usually eat. Dried fruit still retains flavour and sweetness, but is a lot less messy than trying to handle something like a banana or trying to peel an orange. You can get crunchy dried fruit, or squishy dried fruit, plus, you can combine it with a number of different other things if you want to spruce the mix up, like nuts and seeds. A handful of this every so often will keep your hunger at bay.

Light Popcorn

Popcorn is light by definition, but it isn’t always the healthiest snack when covered with layers of toffee or chocolate. Help is at hand here, offering you an alternative to greasy crisps, because there are now plenty of brands of light popcorn. These brands embrace the snack but add a token flavour to avoid a cardboard taste. Look out for sweet and salt mixes as well as spicy varieties.


Fruit Bars

We’re back to fruit again, but it can’t be said enough how important fruit and its natural benefits are for us. When you think about a snack, you might be considering a chocolate bar, but a fruit bar offers a great alternative in a form you recognise. There are all sorts of flavours out there and they again come as squishy or crunchy bars – something for every taste. These bars can be just as filling as a chocolate bar and in some cases are even more satiating.

Veg Bags

While these are available to buy at supermarkets, you can create a veg bag of your own at home in a much easier, cheaper fashion. Simply pick a snackable vegetable, such as carrots or sugar snap peas, and chop them up, put them into a snack bag and keep them in the fridge. Then, while you’re out on the road you can keep hunger at bay and still ensure you’re getting vital vitamins and nutrients as part of your five a day.

What About Drinks?

Sugary drinks are always the most alluring thing to have when driving, especially energy drinks. While it might not sound like a great alternative, water is quite clearly the best way to hydrate. A cold bottle of water can be just as refreshing as a carbonated beverage and you don’t have to worry about sugar levels or other sweetening chemicals.


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