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Choosing The Right Van

Posted on by Idrive

Whether you’re going on a shopping spree or relocating, need an extra workhorse for your business or simply need to cart around shed-loads of belongings, there’s a van for you. There are small city vans that drive like an MPV, but carry loads of around 2m³. You can also find robust carriers that can carry load up to 17m³. What works best for you will depend on your unique circumstances. When you want to choose the right van to hire, you should always keep the following things in mind.



Consider Your Use

A simple rule is that you need to hire a larger van if you will be carrying bulky items. Keep in mind that the larger the van, the more expensive it will be.

  • For regular use, you can opt for a panel van that is defined by its enclosed load bay and blanked out window sections on the sides. Panel vans are available in different sizes, in fact, some full-size vans are available in different wheelbase lengths, rear-overhang extensions and extra-height versions.
  • To carry bulky items, you may want to put your money on Luton bodies and box vans. These vans have a tall ‘cube’ of a cargo bay and a basic chassis-and-cab setup. A Luton van will also have an extended cargo area right above the cab. These vans are wider than typical panel vans and have no intrusions in the load bay flood from suspension components.
  • To get added security with weather protection, you may want to put your money on flatbeds or pickups. These vans don’t have an enclosed cargo area, instead, you will find a flat open-air load bed. These vans are relatively cheap, light, and are more flexible than box vans. The load area is higher off the ground, so you may need a powered tail lift.

Know the Type of Cabin You Need

Will you be travelling with more than three people? If that’s the case, you need to pay attention to how much room is available in your van. Smaller vans may only have a driver’s seat and room for one more passenger. You can however opt for a double-cab model, which can accommodate more than three people and even offer a second row of passenger seats.

Check the Inside of Your Van

Not all vans will have storage space for tools, drinks, maps, and satellite navigation as standard. Check the availability of digital radio, sat-nav, Bluetooth connectivity, and leather trim before selecting a van for hire. If you will be carrying plenty of heavy stuff, you should also ensure that the interior of your van’s load area isn’t limited to bare metal. It should have a hard-wearing rubber combined with a plywood interior lining for the doors and walls.

You should also consider your driver’s license requirements because you cannot drive anything bigger than a 7.5-ton box wagon on a normal driving license.

A professional car hire company will provide you with more details in this regard. I-Drive Van Hire is a great choice because we maintain a modern fleet of vans in a variety of sizes including medium wheelbase, short wheelbase, long wheelbase, and Luton vans. Check out our van hire models and prices and don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any advice about which van suits your needs best. i-Drive Van Hire are based in Nottingham but operate in West Bridgford and the surrounding areas.

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