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A guide to hiring a Luton van

Posted on by Idrive

Upon hearing the term “Luton van” many people are initially confused, but the bond between this particular type of vehicle and the Luton area is so strong that they named it as such. The history behind the Luton van is that the shape and body of the van made it perfect for taking high volume, low weight loads – something which was apparently well suited to the carriage of one of Luton’s main products: straw hats.

If you feel like you’ve never heard of Luton vans before, you’ll definitely have seen one out and about on the roads. It’s characterised by a large boxed body behind the main cabin, often, the box protrudes over the cab as an extension of the space.

This extension used to be a practical use of the space for fitting in more of whatever you needed to transport, but it is now commonly replaced by a curved or streamlined portion over the cab. While this streamlined portion offers greater fuel efficiency it does remove some of the practical space if it does not actually extend over the cab of the vehicle.

Another facet of the Luton van which can either be a help or a hindrance depending on your needs, is the fact they can now come with a tail-lift. This is a platform which sits flat up against the back of the van, but which can be lowered and used as a platform to help large or heavy items in and out of the van. The one thing to consider with a tail lift however, is that it can reduce the maximum weight capacity of the vehicle because of how heavy the tail-lift itself is.


What is a Luton van good for?

There are plenty of things which a Luton van is good for, which is part of the reason it has endured for so long. Popular with removals companies, there are two clear ways in which hiring a Luton van can be useful.

Home removals – The classic struggle of finding a vehicle big enough for all your possessions when moving is no longer such a pain. A Luton van can be used to load furniture, appliances or general boxes of belongings, making for fewer trips and less stress.

Business removals Companies move offices and premises all the time, but with that comes a lot of organisation. Key assets such as IT equipment and boxes of files need to be securely transported and it’s always best if you can keep things together, with a Luton van you can compactly load all this and more in the back – especially important if you have stock to move too!

What are the dimensions?

One important thing to check with any vehicle hire is the dimensions. Our Luton van hire service comes with a hydraulic tail-lift and can take a 1150kg payload with 21.55 cubic meters of space.

Height: 7’3” or 2.2m

Width: 7’ or 2.13m

Length: 15’ or 4.6m


Ideal whether you need to move your tall fridge-freezer or whether you’re moving industrial equipment, simply contact us today to discuss Luton van hire options and we’ll be happy to help. i-Drive Van Hire are based in Nottingham but operate in West Bridgford and the surrounding areas.

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